Haisa Light Marble 6x18 3D Multi Design Stacked Stone Ledger Corner

Size: 6x18
$99.95 / box   $16.66 / sq.ft
Covers 6.00 sq. ft.
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Haisa Light (White Oak) Marble 6x18 3D Multi Design Stacked Stone Ledger Corner

Haisa light marble is a type of an exclusive light gray marble with gray-white veining. It is one of the most used marbles in the market. Its elegant and modern appearance has been gracing homes, hotels, and restaurants for many years. Haisa light marble is a highly desired luxurious stone for interior designers and homeowners.

Our haisa light marble tiles, mosaics, and moldings can be widely used to enhance your floor, shower, kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, decorative wall, fireplace.



  • Product: Stacked Stone Ledger Corner
  • Material Type: Marble
  • Size Corner: 6"x18"
  • Surface Type: Split Face
  • Edge Finish: Straight
  • Thickness: 
  • Color: Gray
  • Coverage: 
  • Minimum Purchase: 7 Boxes
  • Item Location: California
  • Design: Traditional
  • Warranty*: N/A
  • Usage: Commercial or Residential


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